Tuesday, December 10, 2013

VS Fashion Show + Me = Drool-fest

There are many great things (alright, and a bunch of bad ones too) about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. As a former employee of Victoria's Secret, I feel a connection to the company. I loved working there and both my sister and mom work for the company. The only reason I ever left was for an internship and I miss it a lot.

The main things I want to completely drool over are as follows:

1. Cosmopolitan's tweets.

There tweets weren't exactly appropriate, and I can't stand brands/companies/magazines that tweet like real people for only one night as a shock value to gain followers and interaction, BUT they were hilarious to read while I was live-tweeting. I never responded to them in protest of how annoying it is when brands do that, but I read with a silent smile on my face.

2. The 3D printed wings.
Source: NY Post
This is a tech-nerd's dream. I love these so much. They are beautiful and amazing. The snowflake design is perfect with the 3D printing so it can show the delicate details.

3. Cara Delevingne
Source: Fashnberry
Source: Fashnberry
I do not need to say anything else about her. She's perfect and weird and I love it.

4. The amount of selfies the models take.
Source: PopSugar
Also "tweetgret" or "instashame". I like when the models show their personalities. I cannot stand a model who acts like she's a statue. Apparently the girls were not allowed to take pictures on the day of filming, but a bunch of them did anyway. It's really cute that they included their Instagram/Twitter obsessions. "They are just like me," I say to myself. In reality they are a foot taller than me and about 10 times more gorgeous. Either way, they seem fun.

These models really look like they are enjoying themselves. I appreciate that they are not too obviously hurting themselves emotionally or physically to be models. And yes, I know this is highly edited and it's the most glorified modeling moment of the year, but it's nice to not see backstage photos of a gal forcing herself to throw up or something.

What were your favorite moments?


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