Monday, September 1, 2014

Hi, this is me.

So here's an update about my life.

I am recently no longer a real-time girlfriend, but I am still spooky. I will forever be "the" spooky girlfriend because that's me, gosh darn it! Now I am navigating life as a single lady while also trying to figure out post-graduate life. Ch-ch-changes!

My first big update is that I am in the works of creating something really special with some of my other newly graduated friends that I hope to be able to share with you soon. I can't share too much yet, but we're really excited about getting the ball rolling.

I am on the job hunt, looking far and wide to start my career. It's really hard to find jobs. Don't listen to what everyone will tell you about how easy it was for them to find a "real" job. Part-time jobs are easy, but full-time careers are hard work to find. One piece of wisdom I received is that some people will find things easier than others. It does not always mean the job/relationship/move/whatever else will stick for those it came easy to, it just means they got it first and usually (not always!) the people that wait for it cherish it much more.

Hopefully all of that wisdom is true.

Right now, I am looking for jobs all over the country. Austin, TX; Nashville, TN; Charlotte, NC; Charleston, SC; New York City, and beyond are all the places I'd like to be. The idea of moving somewhere completely new is both terrifying and exciting. I had plans to do these big things with my ex-boyfriend, but doing these things alone is seemingly like it will be more rewarding. I am no longer holding myself back from doing the things I've always wanted to experience.

I am now in the final throws of my internship with Wedding Planning Plus. I only have three more weddings, but I am doing a lot of pinning. I have learned so much about the wedding business and I absolutely love it. I have also learned a lot about people. There have been the most beautiful moments and some really scary ones, but through the entire season I have just loved it. All of the women that I work with are amazing. They are all empowering and smart, quick and level-headed. They are all an inspiration.

So all of this catching up has been great, let's do this more often.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Superficial Interview Tips

Hey there!

So interviewing is kinda the worst thing ever. You get nervous, you feel like you can't be yourself, and it's just scary. Here are my suggestions to make you look and feel prepared.

1. Use antiperspirant.
I suggest using CertainDri every night for a few nights before your interview. Use it on your pits and hands. Even if you never sweat, being nervous at your interview is normal, so it's a good idea to be safe than well...clammy.

2. If you're a lady with large boobs, use powder under your boobs.
I recently purchased the Silky Underwear Dusting Powder by Lush. It was only $7.95 and it was such a great idea. It has a light jasmine scent that keeps me from needing to use a strong fragrance. Typically, at an interview you don't want to smell like anything, but this is light enough to make you smell delicioso. Also, if your boobs are out of control like mine, it will keep your boobs from getting moist and won't shift your bra around.
3. Do your nails the day before.
If you can, go to a salon and get your nails done professionally. If not, treat yourself and do your nails. If they're short like mine, keep the color very neutral and light so they look longer. If your nails are long, make sure you clip them enough so when you shake hands, you're not stabbing your interviewer. Always use light colors, especially do not wear red. One go-to color I love is Deborah Lippman "Before He Cheats" because it is simple and not distracting.

4. Use plenty of moisturizer.
No flaky skin! Do this the night before and well before your interview just so you're not shiny in any way.

The more you relax for your interview, the more relaxed you'll be while you're there. You want to be yourself so that your interviewer and you will know if you feel like you fit into their culture.

Internship Look OOTD

Blazer: Anne Taylor LOFT, $40.
Dress: Anne Taylor LOFT, $40.
Shoes: Nine West, my mom's.

Zoya "Jacquline"

This look was for yesterday, but I had no time to post it! I just got home for Easter weekend and I had an interview for an internship yesterday. (I got it!) I will be following up with some superficial interview tips so keep on the lookout.

Stay sweet,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kate Spade Saturday Love.

Two-Tone T-Strap Sandal in Black and Vachetta
I am so madly in love with Kate Spade Saturday. My obsession is sick. I visit the Kate Spade Saturday website at least once a week. These T-strap sandals are my LIFE right now. I need them and think about them all day. I love the Vachetta color for the summer time. Can someone please buy me these shoes?

I also am fawning over a Custom Weekender Bag.

What's your favorite piece from Kate Spade Saturday? Leave me a suggestion of what to get next in the comments below.

**I was not commissioned to write this piece. I am just THAT in love with the brand.**

I'm Dying Over...Home Furnishings

1. 3-piece Pottle Succulent Sets, Crate and Barrel | 2. 3-Drawer Console, Bed Bath and Beyond | 3.  Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Nina Geo Lamp, JCPenney | 4. ESPRESSO AND COFFEE MACHINES OMG, Target | 5. Three Ring Chest, Soft Surroundings

I am embarking on a new blogging chapter of my life: series. I am creating the "I'm Dying Over..." series where once a week, I will tell you something I'm dying over. I'm sure it will be something very different each week because I'm an ADD psycho. For the first installment of this series, I am dying over home furnishings. I am usually obsessing and analyzing home goods, but this week I'm insanely into it.

As I begin my journey of moving with my boyfriend, I am coming across some awesome home furnishing for spring and summer. Although it is not a new trend, I am finally drinking the reclaimed wood kool-aid. I saw some driftwood bowls at a small store in Kingston, Ontario and ever since I’ve been dying for some old wooden furnishings. I don't have any driftwood items up in my I'm Dying graphic, but they're on my mind. This driftwood wall hanging flower vase from LoveEmbellished on Etsy.

I am absolutely obsessed with coffee and espresso machines. I think using a good, maybe colorful caffeine machine can pull together a kitchen countertop. Another colorful coffee machine is this classic 12-Cup Coffee Maker in Pink from Cuisinart. Although succulents are not often seen in kitchens, I am inspired to put succulents in my kitchen (maybe so I can remember to take care of them).

Monday, April 7, 2014

POP of Color

Thanks to Influenster and Rimmel London, I was sent their Moisture Renew Lipstick in Shade 360 As You Want Victoria. I already LOVE IT! It's rich, bold color with a lot of moisture. Usually I don't like moisturizing lipsticks because they get too shiny, but this one is a good mix between matte and shine without looking like a 10-year-old who just discovered lip gloss.

The color is a great hot pink-red.

The formula is actually moisturizing, which I was very surprised by, but it was still more drying than wearing nothing at all.
Overall, I'd give this product an 8.5/10.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nice to Meet You, I'm...

It has recently occurred to me that I am not well understood sometimes. I know I'm a very complex person, and I've been trying to make getting to know me less difficult. I like to have my secrets, but I also like to be a real person. No two-face here. So, here are a few fill-in-the-blanks from Braid Creative to peel back the layers about me.

1. First Impression. “People always think I’m intense when they first meet me.”
2. Behind Your Back (In a Good Way). “I’ve heard people say that you can always count on me to get things done.”
3. Apples to Oranges (Comparison). “I know that Cardinal PR members wishes they could be assertive like I do.”
4. Love You or Hate You. “But I also know that when I talk about feminism or post a lot on Facebook, people either love it or hate it. That’s okay, it’s just part of my personal brand.”
5. Ah, The Twist (a.k.a. The Next Layer). But it always surprises people after they (meet me, work with me, get to know me) that I am very sensitive, and they really love/respect it.”
Here's the deal: I'm tough on the inside, but I watch the Devil Wears Prada or Bride Wars at least once a week. I started out loving PR, but focus on weddings because, to me, love is one of the most honest things we can have in our lives. I am seemingly an open book, but can be really shy about personal things. I hate PDA. I love nothing more than seeing my cats. I'm a big goofball, but I hate goofing off at school/work.
I'm hard to understand, and that's ok.