Monday, September 1, 2014

Hi, this is me.

So here's an update about my life.

I am recently no longer a real-time girlfriend, but I am still spooky. I will forever be "the" spooky girlfriend because that's me, gosh darn it! Now I am navigating life as a single lady while also trying to figure out post-graduate life. Ch-ch-changes!

My first big update is that I am in the works of creating something really special with some of my other newly graduated friends that I hope to be able to share with you soon. I can't share too much yet, but we're really excited about getting the ball rolling.

I am on the job hunt, looking far and wide to start my career. It's really hard to find jobs. Don't listen to what everyone will tell you about how easy it was for them to find a "real" job. Part-time jobs are easy, but full-time careers are hard work to find. One piece of wisdom I received is that some people will find things easier than others. It does not always mean the job/relationship/move/whatever else will stick for those it came easy to, it just means they got it first and usually (not always!) the people that wait for it cherish it much more.

Hopefully all of that wisdom is true.

Right now, I am looking for jobs all over the country. Austin, TX; Nashville, TN; Charlotte, NC; Charleston, SC; New York City, and beyond are all the places I'd like to be. The idea of moving somewhere completely new is both terrifying and exciting. I had plans to do these big things with my ex-boyfriend, but doing these things alone is seemingly like it will be more rewarding. I am no longer holding myself back from doing the things I've always wanted to experience.

I am now in the final throws of my internship with Wedding Planning Plus. I only have three more weddings, but I am doing a lot of pinning. I have learned so much about the wedding business and I absolutely love it. I have also learned a lot about people. There have been the most beautiful moments and some really scary ones, but through the entire season I have just loved it. All of the women that I work with are amazing. They are all empowering and smart, quick and level-headed. They are all an inspiration.

So all of this catching up has been great, let's do this more often.


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