Saturday, November 23, 2013


I need someone to tell me if (only in work/school situations) I seem like I have a sense of entitlement over others.

I have this strange obsession with getting things done at the soonest possible time and holding others accountable to doing the same. I'm not sure if everyone has a the same urgency with everything as I do, but it really irritates me to wait on people.

For instance, I am the only person I know who frequently checks their phone in order to respond to an email at the soonest hour. I also wonder what people are doing while they aren't responding to a work text. It's a piece of my insanity that I wish everyone had.

Why is it that people do not feel that working takes precedent over all other aspects of life? I understand taking breaks and vacation; those do matter, but I can't find the excuse when you are not on vacation.

This is just one thing I will never understand.


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