Thursday, December 5, 2013

Relax, baby, relax

Finally, in my first semester as a senior in college, I have an easy end-of-semester. I now get to relax a little bit (with the exception of two huge events for a client tomorrow and Saturday) before taking my finals.

This free time is doing some wonders on my mood. All this week I was a cranky bitch from lack of sleep and a total change of sleep schedule from Black Friday weekend (yay Claire's!), but now it's like I am a whole new woman. I have all my tasks and assignments complete and I am ready to kick this finals week's ass.

Claire's Black Saturday
For our client, First Weekends in Plattsburgh, Inc., we are helping coordinate and promote their events. This month, their December events are going to be awesome! Friday from 5-8pm there is a tree lighting downtown with music, hot chocolate and caroling. We are truly getting in the holiday spirit. On Saturday from 1-3pm there is a Polar Express themed event at the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum. This is what I am the most excited about. We coordinated hot chocolate, a photographer for family photos and readings of Polar Express.

Photo: Kat Torres, Cardinal PR
This is honestly the best client we've ever had with Cardinal PR. They are very responsive and they give us much more creative freedom, after all, we really are a bunch of creative weirdos. One thing that people forget is that we writers need creativity especially to plan an event.


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